Aghia Pelaghia – a little gem on a large island

A long and narrow strip of golden sand touched by emerald waters, an idyllic little fishing village that overlooks a majestic bay; that’s Aghia Pelaghia, a small settlement 18 kilometers away from Heraklion, that was discovered a few decades ago by what is now Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resorts. It is easy to find natural beauty in Greece and, especially, Crete. From the coast to the mountains and from the plains to the islands, this country has a lot to offer and has been doing so for the past two centuries. What is difficult is to recognize its potential and share it with the world, while at the same time retaining in full the character and identity of a place that was never meant to be extravagant.

Aghia Pelaghia village

Aghia Pelagia’s village with its wind-protected bay

In the past, Aghia Pelaghia had been an important port for trade in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, because its waters were protected from the elements. The strong northerly winds would not reach the village and the small bay would provide a haven for ships. And life kept going at Aghia Pelaghia, fishing was its main source of income, until vacationing at the beach and swimming started becoming popular. The wave-free port became a wave-free beach where holiday-goers could enjoy the sea and sun, along with the peace and quiet the combination of the two offers.

aghia pelaghia beach and peninsula

View of Aghia Pelaghia’s peninsula where Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is located. Photo © Flickr user @unnormalized

The coast close to Aghia Pelaghia is full of secluded little beaches that are waiting to be discovered. Climb down cliffs, walk through narrow paths or go by car a bit farther away and you’ll find yourselves marveling at what Crete provides its guests with. If you’d like to get away from the sea, you can go inland and explore. We suggest you do it on foot – perhaps head to the chapel of Aghia Pelaghia – but you can always use a vehicle.

aghia pelagia with capsis

View of Aghia Pelagia village and bay from above. You can see Capsis’s private peninsula where Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is located.

Don’t expect to find here the wild nightlife that can be experienced elsewhere on the island. While there are bars that offer imaginative cocktails and restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent meal, it would be completely out of place for Aghia Pelaghia to be seen as a party town.
Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resorts and Aghia Pelaghia are also pretty close to some of Crete’s most important cities and sights. Heraklion, Knossos and Fodele are only a short drive away. The island itself is huge, but Aghia Pelaghia has a special place in it.