7 tips for a happy hotel stay with a baby

The birth of your baby might be the happiest event of your life but also, a life changing factor. You might feel discouraged and stressed to travel and stay at a hotel with your baby, but Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort came up with a new service and some useful tips, in order to avoid carrying bulky accessories for your everyday care of your toddler and have a relaxing and joyful vacation. You just need to pack what is really essential for you baby and enjoy a happy staying with your whole family.

stay with your baby at a hotel

1. Book an accommodation with some extra space

Don’t try to squeeze the whole family into one room. The extra square footage will make you feel so much comfortable and leverage your holiday experience. The Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort provides the perfect accommodation size as it offers villas and maisonettes with 2, 3, 4 even 5 bedrooms depending on your accommodation needs.

ambassador suite 2-bedroom upper floor sea view with private jacuzzi in balcony

2. Ask the hotel what kind of baby care equipment they provide

Some hotels provide all that bulky equipment that are essential for your baby’s feeding and cleaning needs and will significantly reduce your luggage size. At Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort baby friendly 1 bedroom bungalow suite, we provide you withing the room price all the baby care equipment that you need:

  • Portable Baby Changing table
  • Baby seat
  • Microwave
  • Baby cot
  • Bottle warmer
  • Stroller
  • Food steamer
  • Kettle
  • Multi blender
  • Lunch thermo pot
  • Water thermo pot
  • Bottles sterilizer
  • Bed barrier

Beware of the fact that some hotels do not mention and make clear that the use of the equipment might be at an extra charge.

3. Ask the hotel if they provide Crèche (daycare) facilities

We all know that you are in love with your little baby, but there are times that you feel the need to have your own time to do whatever you want to do, especially when you are in vacation. At Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort we provide Crèche facilities for six month old babies up to three years old children and any child not potty trained. You may relax and enjoy the sun and the pool. Read more about our daycare facilities that are hosted on the Capsis Minoan Amusement Park. At our Capsis Minoan amusement park that covers an area of about 4.000 sq. m. older children from 4 to 10,99 years of age are welcome and it will introduce them to the world of Minoan and Greek Mythology through various facilities and a range of outdoor game areas.

daycare facilities at our hotel

4. Bring your baby’s easy entertainment with you

Prepare a bag with all the toys that your toddler loves to play with. Don’t forget to bring along also some fairytale books to read before its night sleep. Avoid to bring bulky toys since you may visit our mini-market in which you will find a big variety of toys suitable for different ages (yes, we know kids how much get excited with a new toy). We, also, suggest you to read a nice article about 12 suggested toys on vacation.

bring easy entertainment for your baby during your hotel stay

5. Bring plenty of baby clothes

We recommend you to double the number of baby clothes that you are thinking to bring for your baby because for an unknown reason babies love to have massive blow-outs when they are not at their home. At Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort you have the opportunity to visit our in-hotel boutique with its big collection of chic, elegant baby and children clothing.

bring many baby clothes on your hotel stay


6. Pick up a hotel with easy access for strollers

Accessibility is one of the most common problems that parent with a stroller face. At Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort access to the room and any other area is very easy for a stroller. Also all walkways and paths are wide enough giving you the ability to freely move around the hotel area.

stroller in stair is a problem

7. Choose a hotel with gardens

Most of us we live most of time in big cities and children have limited access to nature. Give your little ones, the opportunity to breathe, move and play in nature. So, prefer to book at a hotel with large garden area.

out of the blue, capsis elite resort view from above

At Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite resort you can long walks and visit our green gardens

8. Choose a hotel with easy access to an appropriate beach

Sea water bathing provides a long list of benefits to our children (after 6 months age). At Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort you have access to a private sandy and pebble beach with crystal clear water. Access is ideal for parents that are willing to take their babies for a swim at the sea.

view of out of the blue, capsis elite resort private beach