The 4 elements of proper wellness holidays in Crete

out of the blue, capsis elite resort wellness

Holidays are all about relaxing the body and mind. The island of Crete exudes energy, the sun, the fresh smell of the sea and the reviving soft winds are a unique experience. Out Of The Blue, Capsis Elite Resort gives you the opportunity to absorb it and enjoy the most de-stressing holidays, as it scores four out of four elements of proper wellness holiday.

  1. The Location The resort is located on its own private peninsula. No one will interrupt your peace as you relish by the sea, sitting back comfortably, sunbathing and taking a swim in crystal clear waters that rejuvenate you. What more do you need, than a private beach to unwind and release the pressure
  2. Nutrition The way you feel can be defined by what enters your body. With this in mind Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort, grows organic fruits and vegetables that cover most of the needs of the resort. In addition, the resort introduces the new Raw Food Program specially designed to increase energy, improve sleep, clear skin and lose weight. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. In addition,  the resort has a variety of restaurants serving Mediterranean cuisine, which is considered the epitome of a healthy diet.
  3. Exercise Yoga is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wellness and exercise. A state of balance between mind, body and soul is the result of a genuine yoga session. Decompress and stretch on the new Yoga deck of Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort, meditate on our garden and alleviate any tension. Whether you are a yoga aficionado or not you can try the world-renowned exercise for both body and soul, and feel the energy flow inside you, while bringing mind at peace
  4. Spa Treatments Being at the perfect spot, tasting the healthy side of living, you cannot miss on pampering yourself with spa treatments. The Euphoria Rejuvenating and Fit4Life Centre uplifts the spirit bringing you one step closer to inner equilibrium. The treatments offered by the spa specialists are a haven to your spirit. Indulge yourself in a treatment and cleanse your mind and body of toxicity.

Surrender yourself to the specialists of wellness holidays. Take care of yourself during your vacations in Crete and return to your everyday life a changed and more relaxed person. The feeling of bliss will follow you after your experience at the Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort.