Nature’s proof for clean sea water at Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort

Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is a popular luxury resort and preferred holiday destination in Crete for many reasons. First, we are located at one of the best places in Greece, laying over a private peninsula in Agia Pelagia that will offer you total privacy and relaxation. In addition to that is our private beach with its clear sea. The proof for the cleanliness of the sea water comes from the nature itself and it is the existence and presence of Posidonia Oceanica, a type of seagrass.

What is Posidonia Oceanica

Posidonia Oceanica also known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed, belongs to one of the nine Posidonia seagrass genus. It grows only in the Mediterranean Sea at a certain temperature range of 10ºC to about 30ºC. The most vital factor for Posidonia Oceanica existence is to live in an extreme clear water environment with the lack of any pollution. Another characteristic of Posidonia Oceanica is that it grows really slow (it takes over 600 years to cover around 80m of seafloor) and their poor reproduction rate. One of the sad facts is Posidonia Oceanica growth is declines and occupies an area of only about 3% of the Mediterranean basin.

Presence of Posidonia Oceanica at Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort water’s

aerial photo of agia pelagia bay with Posidonia Oceanica

As you can see at the above aerial photo, our sea ecosystem hosts a large area where Posidonia Oceanica lives and grows (marked in black). The existence of seagrass at such a large coverage area, is a non-questionable fact and real confirmation about the high level of water cleanliness.


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