The most popular traditional Cretan tastes

Cretan recipes and Mediterranean diet go hand in hand. In fact, many would say that the foods preferred in Crete for centuries now form the basis of what is now an international sensation: Mediterranean cuisine. What’s more, there is such variety in Crete that you can decide to only eat local dishes every day while there and, when the time comes to leave the island, you’ll find out that there is a lot that you haven’t tasted yet. Meat, but not too much, vegetables, found locally, dough and dairy, and lots of olive oil are staples here and can be found in simple or elaborate – but always unique – combinations. Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is in a strategic position for you to venture out and discover tastes you’ve never tasted before.

We have chosen today some of the most popular Cretan recipes that can easily be found around the island.


ntakos rusks with tomato and cheese

Barley rusks, ripe tomatoes, olive oil and Cretan cream cheese (known here as myzithra – some do it with feta cheese). Add some caper and oregano for extra flavor and you have one of the most delicious, light and nutritious meals you’ve ever had.

Kalitsounia (or kaltsounia)

kaltsounia crete

Cream cheese is quite popular in Crete. There is myzithra, anthotyro and manouri. Choose the one you like and put it in homemade dough made with olive oil. Add some raki for extra flavor. Start your meal with these.

Chochlioi boubouristoi

Chochlioi boubouristoi

We kept the name as is, because it sounds funny, but this is a Mediterranean twist on a French staple: snails. Yes, Crete has been cooking them for generations with wine, flour, rosemary and, of course, olive oil.

Lemon rabbit with thyme

Lemon rabbit with thyme

Thyme is really popular in Crete and it goes really well with rabbit meat, the healthiest of all white meats. Accompanied by potatoes, it is filling and, relatively, guilt free, as it’s not at all fattening.

Cod with greens

cod fish with greens crete

Get some salted cod, get some greens found all over the countryside (black mustard, sonchus, chicory) and some spinach and you have a great and very healthy combination. Some wine to go with it feels necessary.


makarounia cretan pasta



All places have their pasta and this is Crete’s. Flour, water, salt, the omnipresent olive oil are shaped into strings and boiled. Add some cream cheese (anthotyro preferably) and butter after you take them out of the pot and there you have it. Cretan pasta.

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