Health & Wellness Tourism category award at the Greek Tourism Awards 2018

Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort receives silver award

We are proudly announcing that Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort has won the “Health & Wellness Tourism” category award at the Greek Tourism Awards 2018. It is a significant acknowledgment of the quality and innovation of the DETOX 5+™ program, the spearhead of the services and treatments offered by the Resort’s Everlasting Euphoria Concept.

The DETOX 5+™ program

This pioneering detoxification program was created in 2017, combining the Mediterranean Cretan diet based on organic ingredients with specialized treatments, establishing it as one of the most sophisticated and unique programs in the Health & Wellness field.

The uniqueness of this program lies in the following factors:

  • The resort’s ideal location and the exceptional climate of the region
  • Innovative medical diagnostic equipment
  • Sleep quality monitoring using specialized devices
  • The organic Mediterranean diet, with its long-established health benefits

Designed to meet the client’s needs, The DETOX 5+™ program observes and innovates on the modern trends in the health & wellness field. Following research performed on our guests’ needs and desires, we established that there is a significant number of people looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle or searching for an exceptional way to detox. To satisfy these requirements, we pushed the term “detoxification” to the next level and created the DETOX 5+™ program to detoxify the human body and bring it to homeostasis, that is, in complete harmony with nature.

The DETOX 5+™ program is composed of a series of hi-tech treatments (including colon hydrotherapy, body cleansing, wellness capsule sessions and Valmont cosmetics skin analysis), our unique iMED™ nutritional program, and Oligoscan tests to analyze the oxidative, minerals & toxic metals levels of the body.

Standing for “Intelligent Mediterranean Detoxification”, the iMED program is a scientific approach to nutrition, with organic meals that are based on local Cretan recipes. The fruits, vegetables and herbs are either grown and handpicked from our own greenhouse or sourced locally, and the recipes originate from age-old Mediterranean knowledge on nutrition, leading to a stronger and healthier body and mind.

Using these 5 core elements of detoxification, sleep quality analysis and the iMED program, DETOX 5+™ is one of the most sophisticated and advanced detoxification programs available today.

10 tips to organize the perfect destination wedding in Crete

tips to organize wedding destination crete

Crete is one of the most famous islands in Greece. This is actually the island of diversity, maintaining both a cosmopolitan and traditional lifestyle. Over the last years, Crete is also a popular place for destination weddings. Hundreds of couples from around the world head to the island in order to organize their wedding ceremony.

Here are 10 tips to organize the perfect destination wedding in Crete.

#1 Hire a wedding planner

Getting married abroad can be a difficult task. Therefore, if you want to make sure that everything will go well, we suggest you hire a wedding planner to guide you through the way. This wedding planner can be a wedding professional or a representative from the wedding venue.

#2 Choose a beach wedding venue

Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort is the ideal place for a destination wedding. It is is romantic and the landscape is breathtaking. The white glove service will amaze you as we fulfill you wedding requests by offering you a memorable wedding experience. From the days before the wedding and the wedding ceremony up to the honeymoon days, the resort is here to make sure you don’t miss out even on the details of such a memorable event in your life.)There are lots of luxurious beach resorts in Crete that offer fantastic venues. And since you have chosen Crete for your destination wedding, wouldn’t it be great if your ceremony took place at the beach?

#3 Plan ahead

Crete is a popular place to get married and many weddings take place in summer. Therefore, it is wise to start planning your destination wedding at least one year before. Create a checklist and time plan to keep you on track.

#4 Have Cretan food at the wedding party

Even if you are holding a large after-wedding party for your friends and family, or if you are having a romantic dinner for two, make sure you have traditional Cretan dishes. You will love them!

#5 Invite family and friends

As you will start planning your destination wedding in Crete many months before, make sure you invite your family and friends to attend it. Crete is smooth to access from many European and Mediterranean airports, so it will be easy to come over.

#6 Spend your honeymoon in Crete

Since you will have the perfect destination wedding in Crete, stay few more days on the island and spend your honeymoon here. Crete is a large island and has fantastic places to explore, from marvelous beaches and authentic villages to historical landmarks. Rent a car to drive around, or a taxi or even the local buses.

#7 Book a luxury suite

Spend your before-and-after-wedding days in a fantastic suite, in one of the many beach resorts of Crete. Enjoy the private pool, king size beds, breathtaking view and dreamy amenities of the suite. These will be some nice days to remember for many years ahead!

#8 Have your wedding during sunset

Book a wedding ceremony at sunset time. Right at the moment when the sun dives into the Aegean and dusk is all around you,  exchange vows and speak words of love at the most romantic time of the day.

#9 Hire a wedding photographer

Book a wedding photographer for the wedding and next-day shots. It is surely worth to have professional photos for this important event of your life. Make memories capture the moments still forever.

#10 Get everything from Crete

Apart from the wedding dress and the groom’s clothes, it is not necessary to take anything else from home.  You can find what you need within few hours, after a shopping stroll in the closest town. Why pack from home what you can find in Crete? Surely, the wedding planner will help you with all arrangements.

These were our 10 tips that we suggest you take into consideration if you want to organize a perfect destination wedding in Crete. Out of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort is always here to assist you with any requests or queries you may have.

For any special question about a wedding ceremony in Crete, feel free to contact us.