Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort Is awarded as the Best Spa Resort in Europe at the “2018 Prix Villégiature” awards

capsis award best spa in europe

In a luxurious ceremony that took place at the majestic Château de Ferrières in central France, the 2018 Prix
Villégiature awarded OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort as the Best Spa Resort in Europe. The evening the Prix
Villégiature provided us was spectacular and a great opportunity for networking while the Château’s magnificent
salons were brimming with members of the hospitality industry, fashion executives and country representatives.
The competition was tough and the rigorous standards of the Prix Villégiature were immediately evident, with
detailed questionnaires about the facilities and services that we offer as well as thorough research from the
multiple journalists/ members of the jury during their visit at the resort. It was an honour to have been nominated
and it is an incredible distinction to be awarded as the Best Spa Resort in Europe.

out of the blue capsis elite resort awarded as best spa resort in europe

Receiving this distinction from this exclusive organization is very important for us, as it recognizes our efforts in
providing the most outstanding and innovative luxury facilities and services to our guests. These awards have an
established international reputation in the hospitality market and winning such an award will certainly lead to
increased recognition internationally.
The Everlasting Euphoria Rejuvenating program provides holistic luxurious relaxing and anti-ageing treatments and
therapies in a tranquil environment, close to the sea. Stemming on our resort’s strong connection with nature, we
provide treatments and therapies based on traditional techniques and using herbs and oils originating from Crete,
and guests have the option of receiving treatments, not only at the spa but also in various outdoor areas of the
resort, such as our private gardens, private coves right by the water, shaded decks, etc. An in-house team
attentively runs our nutritional and detox programs and provides nutritional consultations, while a day-spa located
on the private beach is also available, offering pop-in treatments that concentrate on after-sun skin care and
massage therapy.
Always keeping our ear to the ground for new treatments and services, we are constantly trying out the latest
innovations and trends in the wellbeing industry. We provide non-invasive anti-ageing treatments with the latest
for 2018 equipment: the Hironic Doublo S is a complete solution for face lifting & body Contouring, while Verju by
Erchonia is a body contouring laser that provides fast and painless results. MiCool by Hironic provides non-invasive
fat reduction treatments using Cryolipolysis, and Aquaglo by Sykor is an abrasion-free exfoliation and deep pore
cleansing therapy.
Our spa’s range includes nutrition and wellness programs such as the nutritional program for kids and adolescents,
Yoga & organic nutrition programs, and the award winning Detox5+TM. The Detox5+TM is an excellent way to cleanse
from toxins, consisting of hi-tech treatments and our unique iMEDTM nutritional program, bringing the body back to
harmony with nature. iMED stands for “Intelligent Mediterranean Detoxification”, a scientific nutritional approach
with organic meals based on local Cretan recipes, with produce either grown and handpicked from our own
greenhouse or sourced locally. Treatments and programs are planned around guests’ holidays, minimizing the
disruption on their activities and leisure time; this way, guests can organize their break with friends and family,
while simultaneously enjoying excellent luxury treatments.
This award bolsters our significant collection of awards for 2018, further fortifying the prestigious position that our
hard work has provided us. Our well-established place in the hospitality and wellness industry allows us to
celebrate the resort’s 40th anniversary this year and it has been an amazing season, with these awards giving us
immense joy as they are an endorsement of our excellence in the hospitality and wellness industry.

OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort hosts the 2018 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards

out of the blue private peninsula

We are proudly announcing that OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort will be hosting the 2018 Seven Stars Luxury
Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards (SSLHLA), widely known as “Oscars of Luxury”, on October 6, 2018. Tourism
industry leaders from all over the world will attend the ceremony to collect the SIGNUM VIRTUTIS, the seal of
excellence, as well as take advantage of this high-level networking opportunity, with numerous VIPs among the
attendees list such as HSH Prince Massimiliano della Torre e Tasso, HSH Princess Costanza della Torre e Tasso and
HRH Nathalie Princess of Hohenzollern.

The awards will be accompanied by a lavish Cocktail reception and a sumptuous Gala dinner.

Khalil EL-Mouelhy, Chairman of the Awards commented: “we are thrilled to hold our 6th Gala Ceremony on the
Island of Crete. The Island is home to some true gems in terms of resorts and is an ever-growing destination. OUT OF
THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort, with its stunning location, possesses all the facilities and amenities required for this
exclusive and demanding event and we are delighted to be working together with them. Our 2017 Ceremony which
was held in Athens was a tremendous success and this year promises to be even better”.

Our resort is the ideal venue to host these awards, having won the “Best Hotel & Resort in Greece” category in
2017, our level of service and luxurious facilities, have the recognition from the SSLHLA Organization.
Our goal is to offer an amazing experience to the guests of the awards, not only on the event night but
throughout their stay as well.

Dia Capsis, President and Managing Director of OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort says: “It is an honour to host
the prestigious 2018 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards Gala Ceremony. Having already received
the SIGNUM VIRTUTIS, the seal of excellence, as one of the best Hotels & Resorts we feel we are the perfect venue
for the event. We have vast experience spanning decades and we are looking forward to providing winners and
guests with an amazing time during this magical event under the stars surrounded by the Aegean Sea.
With our distinguished Gastronomy, elite wellness experiences and our beautiful coast, we are looking forward to
providing winners with true Cretan Hospitality and the “Capsis Touch”. We would like to thank the SSLHLA
Organization for selecting our resort for this exclusive event and we are looking forward to welcoming you all.”

Antikristo is the unique cretan technique of cooking meat

antikristo crete technique of cooking

Antikristo is one of the oldest and most unique techniques of cooking meat. Traced as far back in time, as the ancient times of Homer’s Iliad, Antikristo is a traditional way of cooking that can be found in different parts of the world but is deeply rooted in Cretan culture. It is a technique that has been embraced from soldiers in ancient times, to peasants in the Byzantine Empire, by the rebels during the Turkish occupation and shepherds and herdsmen throughout time. It has been so popular, because it does not require too much time, preparation, or ingredients.

The procedure of cooking Antikristo almost reminds us of a ritual. To make Antikristo, the cook will typically use a young lamb or in some rare occasions, a goat. The animal is cut up in four, seasoned with salt, and passed through huge wooden skewers that are later on placed around the fire. According to historical texts, the soldiers and warriors in ancient times would use their spears instead of wooden skewers. Traditionally, the youngest shepherd would dig a hole in the ground and prepare the fire before carefully resting the skewers around the fire. The pieces of meat are placed in a circle like formation around the fire, in contrast to barbequing as we know it. This allows the meat to be cooked with the heat produced by the flames, rather than the heat generated from the coal. In Greek, “antikrista” literally means opposite to each other and this is where the name Antikristo derives from.

Under the Turkish occupation, the rebels would use this technique because the meat is being cooked significantly faster than it is when more traditional grilling techniques are used. They would always be on a rush and hiding, so they would only cook the meat for approximately an hour, leaving it mostly rare, so as to ensure that the fire wouldn’t reveal their location to the enemies.

Nowadays, the meat is slow-cooked for 4-6 hours and experienced cooks are always looking after it. Of course, now, before being cooked, the meat is usually marinated or seasoned. What makes Antikristo such a unique way of grilling meat is that the slow grilling means that the lamb is given enough time to secrete all of its juices and develop many different flavors.

Visiting Crete, Antikristo is most certainly worth giving a try! If you are a meat lover, Antikristo is a special culinary experience that your taste buds will be definitely thanking you for. The good news is that you do not have to find a group of shepherds in the mountains of Crete to try Antiktisto. Our expert chefs at Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort can make it for you.