OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort hosts the 2018 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards

out of the blue private peninsula

We are proudly announcing that OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort will be hosting the 2018 Seven Stars Luxury
Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards (SSLHLA), widely known as “Oscars of Luxury”, on October 6, 2018. Tourism
industry leaders from all over the world will attend the ceremony to collect the SIGNUM VIRTUTIS, the seal of
excellence, as well as take advantage of this high-level networking opportunity, with numerous VIPs among the
attendees list such as HSH Prince Massimiliano della Torre e Tasso, HSH Princess Costanza della Torre e Tasso and
HRH Nathalie Princess of Hohenzollern.

The awards will be accompanied by a lavish Cocktail reception and a sumptuous Gala dinner.

Khalil EL-Mouelhy, Chairman of the Awards commented: “we are thrilled to hold our 6th Gala Ceremony on the
Island of Crete. The Island is home to some true gems in terms of resorts and is an ever-growing destination. OUT OF
THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort, with its stunning location, possesses all the facilities and amenities required for this
exclusive and demanding event and we are delighted to be working together with them. Our 2017 Ceremony which
was held in Athens was a tremendous success and this year promises to be even better”.

Our resort is the ideal venue to host these awards, having won the “Best Hotel & Resort in Greece” category in
2017, our level of service and luxurious facilities, have the recognition from the SSLHLA Organization.
Our goal is to offer an amazing experience to the guests of the awards, not only on the event night but
throughout their stay as well.

Dia Capsis, President and Managing Director of OUT OF THE BLUE, Capsis Elite Resort says: “It is an honour to host
the prestigious 2018 Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards Gala Ceremony. Having already received
the SIGNUM VIRTUTIS, the seal of excellence, as one of the best Hotels & Resorts we feel we are the perfect venue
for the event. We have vast experience spanning decades and we are looking forward to providing winners and
guests with an amazing time during this magical event under the stars surrounded by the Aegean Sea.
With our distinguished Gastronomy, elite wellness experiences and our beautiful coast, we are looking forward to
providing winners with true Cretan Hospitality and the “Capsis Touch”. We would like to thank the SSLHLA
Organization for selecting our resort for this exclusive event and we are looking forward to welcoming you all.”

Aghia Pelaghia – a little gem on a large island

A long and narrow strip of golden sand touched by emerald waters, an idyllic little fishing village that overlooks a majestic bay; that’s Aghia Pelaghia, a small settlement 18 kilometers away from Heraklion, that was discovered a few decades ago by what is now Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resorts. It is easy to find natural beauty in Greece and, especially, Crete. From the coast to the mountains and from the plains to the islands, this country has a lot to offer and has been doing so for the past two centuries. What is difficult is to recognize its potential and share it with the world, while at the same time retaining in full the character and identity of a place that was never meant to be extravagant.

Aghia Pelaghia village
Aghia Pelagia’s village with its wind-protected bay

In the past, Aghia Pelaghia had been an important port for trade in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, because its waters were protected from the elements. The strong northerly winds would not reach the village and the small bay would provide a haven for ships. And life kept going at Aghia Pelaghia, fishing was its main source of income, until vacationing at the beach and swimming started becoming popular. The wave-free port became a wave-free beach where holiday-goers could enjoy the sea and sun, along with the peace and quiet the combination of the two offers.

aghia pelaghia beach and peninsula
View of Aghia Pelaghia’s peninsula where Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is located. Photo © Flickr user @unnormalized

The coast close to Aghia Pelaghia is full of secluded little beaches that are waiting to be discovered. Climb down cliffs, walk through narrow paths or go by car a bit farther away and you’ll find yourselves marveling at what Crete provides its guests with. If you’d like to get away from the sea, you can go inland and explore. We suggest you do it on foot – perhaps head to the chapel of Aghia Pelaghia – but you can always use a vehicle.

aghia pelagia with capsis
View of Aghia Pelagia village and bay from above. You can see Capsis’s private peninsula where Out of the Blue, Capsis Elite Resort is located.

Don’t expect to find here the wild nightlife that can be experienced elsewhere on the island. While there are bars that offer imaginative cocktails and restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent meal, it would be completely out of place for Aghia Pelaghia to be seen as a party town.
Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resorts and Aghia Pelaghia are also pretty close to some of Crete’s most important cities and sights. Heraklion, Knossos and Fodele are only a short drive away. The island itself is huge, but Aghia Pelaghia has a special place in it.

Information about Agia Pelagia in Crete

Greece, Crete, Agia Pelagia
Greece, Crete, Agia Pelagia

Agia Pelagia (Santa Pelagia) is located 21km west of Heraklion, and 25 km from the airport of Heraklion and 23km from the ferry port. It lays on the west side of a long peninsula, which has many small coves with beautiful beaches.
Agia Pelagia tοοκ its name from the homonymous church, in the Monastery of the Savathiana, ruins of which are found at a a very close distance from the village. The Turks during their occupancy named the Gulf of Agia Pelagia to Tsanak Limani, because the area reminded them of a plate (tsanak means platei in Turkish).
Agia Pelagia, although initially it was a small and picturesque village built from the residents of Achlada village in the centre of a amphitheatric bay, it rapidly transformed into a very popular tourist resort with many hotels and the outstanding Out of the Blue Capsis Elite Resort, restaurants offering traditional and international dishes, cafes, bars, shops, ATMs, taxi, etc. The village is suitable for some very exciting short walks through its invitee little streets.

Agia Pelagia beach, Cythera
Agia Pelagia beach, Cythera

The main beach of Agia Pelagia is long and narrow with sand and crystal clear greenish waters. The beach is pretty organized and you may find umbrellas, sunbeds, watersports and diving activities (snorkeling and scuba diving). You may also have fun on the various beach bars of or crap a bite on the various seaside restaurants.
From Agia Pelagia it is very easy to access the Minoan Palace of Knossos, the archeological Museum of Heraklion, the traditional villages of Achlada, Fodele and Anogia which are located on the highest mountain of Crete Psiloritis (2.456m high). Also, from Agia Pelagia you can visit the post-minoan graves and the University (Pritanion) of the 4th century B.C. which were found in 1970 at the site Kladistos or Kladotos and support the view that this was the site of the ancient city of Apollonia. Worth visiting is also the nearby cave, with the name “Evresi”, where according to the legend the locals found the icon of Agia Pelagia (Saint Marina). Around 20km aways you may visit also another interesting cave called Melidoni.


Melidoni cave
You may visit Melidoni cave which is about 20km away from Agia Pelagia
knossos palace
From Agia Pelagia it is very easy to visit the ancient Knossos Palace








One of the advantages of Agia Pelagia’s position is that lies right in the middle of Crete which can operate as your base for mini excursion in order to explore the rest of Crete island.

Watch this sort amateur aerial video of Agia Pelagia